Hunterdon Central BOT Bonanza

BOT Bonanza Recap

This year, Team 3637 hosted its first annual BOT Bonanza. A certified FLL and FLL Jr. competition, hosting 11 FLL teams and 7 FLL Jr. teams. The event began with a representative from our event sponsor CISCO, Dave Smith, welcoming the teams and telling them about STEM careers FIRST can help them achieve. Team 3637 managed the logistics and complexity of hosting two separate events in the same facility. The team created and ran STEM activities for the FLL Jr. participants. Team members ran the information kiosk, directing visitors to certain activities and facilities. Team members also MCed and DJed the event to ensure a fun and engaging experience for all. At the end of the competition, participants were awarded trophies and a SWAG bag provided by Follet and TD Bank.