Grades K-4

Teams of students focus on the
fundamentals of engineering as they
explore real-world problems, learn to
design and code, and create unique
solutions made with LEGO bricks and
powered by LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0


In 2017, Team 3637 was proud to start, mentor and coach two FLL teams in partnership with the Harvest Family Success Center

In 2019 we had capacity to add additional teams, but had outgrown our space at the Success Center.  Flemington Presybterian Church came to our rescue with a large meeting space and we were able to increase our Flemington teams to a total of three.

Additionally, after meeting our team at the local 4H Fair, a teacher from Delaware Township School approached us about starting teams in her school.  We were able to start, mentor and coach three more teams!

2020 brought a host of challenges to our community and world, but through the generous support of our Team 3637 Robotics Support Association and our partner Harvest Success Center, we were able to continue with a virtual FLL Explore program three  of our teams!

You can see some FLL, FLL Jr., and Expo photos on our blog here.

For more information about FLL® Jr., visit the FLL® Jr. Website.

For information on our FLL Jr.  teams or starting your own team, email us at [email protected].

Team 3637 FLL Explore Teams

(Formerly FLL Jr)


2020-21 Season–3 Teams–15 Members Participated in Team 3637 Hunterdon BOT Bonanza Expo

101482–LEGOHUNTERS (3 Teams/5 members each)

During the 2020-21 season, teams were not permitted to meet in person. Team 3637 was committed to finding a way to continue to spread the enthusiasm for FIRST and STEM to our continuing FLL Explore members and as many new students as possible. With support from the Harvest Family Success Center, the team registered for a Class Pack and provided every member with a Robot Kit and Inspiration Set. The teams met weekly via Zoom and Dalek Mentors held team building activities; small group guidance on building and programming, Core Values, and the season’s theme. Each FLL Explore Member created their own LEGO Model for Playmaker’s and presented their final project via Zoom and Google Slides at our Hunterdon BOT Bonanza Expo. Students were excited to present to their families, neighbors, teachers and their high school buddies, Team 3637!


2019-20 Season–6 Teams
Participated in Team 3637 Hunterdon BOT Bonanza Expo
11190–The Avocados
11191–Quick Builders
19968–The Technology Kids
Delaware Township School Teams
19943–Lego Builders
19944–Agunda Boomtown


2018-19 Season–2 Teams
Participated in Team 3637 Hunterdon BOT Bonanza Expo
11190–Meteor Showers
11191–Space Mew Two

2017-18 Aqua Adventure

2017-18 Season–2 Teams
Participated in Team 3637 Hunterdon BOT Bonanza Expo
11190–Alpha DolphaWhales