Our Team Mission:  FIRST Robotics Team 3637 (The Daleks) transforms lives by fostering exploration and learning in STEAM and business management, with the guidance of professional mentors, collaboration with fellow FIRST teams, and support from sponsors. We abide by our motto, “Foster STEM Locally, Make a DifferenceGlobally,” by running and participating in a variety of outreach events in our community. Our team develops the next generation of leaders through hands-on learning and engagement with the community, allowing us to become a force for change.


The Leadership Team is the heart of the team. They guide and direct all of the subteams to achieve the goals of the team.

The Mechanical Team designs and builds the frame and other devices that are on the robot. They build the body of the team.

The Electrical Team wires the electrical board and all the other pieces that are needed to make the robot run. They build the organs of the team.

The Programming Team writes the code that will let the robot drive and program the autonomous mode. They build the brains of the team.

The Business and Outreach Team promotes the team, runs outreach events, fundraisers and oversees the finances for the team. They are the backbone of the team.



Our Mentors provide insightful advice to our team members and help keep the team moving in a learning and beneficial direction. We are grateful to our wonderful advisors and mentors for all of their committed time and help to the team.