2022-2023: Charged Up Robot Information

Basic Robot Information:

Dimensions: 37″ X 33″(With Bumpers)

Drive Base: 6 Wheel Drop Center

Arm Max Extension: 45 Inches

Auton Capabilities:

  • Leaves Community
  • Places any game piece on the high node to the far right or left
  • Picks up one game piece

Teleop Capabilities:

  • Able to place game pieces anywhere: low, mid, or high
  • Able to pick up game pieces from anywhere on the field
    • Pick up cones and cubes from the floor using our intake
    • Pick up from charge station from the low or high point
  • Average Game: 6-8 Game Elements, 2 links


  • Charge Station
    • Robot hangs off the side of the charge station
    • Takes up ____ inches on the charge station