Build 1-24-11

Today, as usual, we got a lot done. The coding errors have all been ironed out, and the robot works flawlessly with the driver station. We also got to test our new high torque servos! We plugged them in, gave them a run, and guess what? They are only 2-way servos! We could only get them to stop at two spots: far left, and far right. To resolve this problem, we connected a spike relay to the servo power cables, so that the servo only has power when we give it power. Now,it works just like a continuous servo.

Also, our team came up with many minibot designs today. Soon we will building prototypes of these designs.

Finally, we had the chance to test our line tracking code. Currently, we have  some bugs to iron out, since it only works about half the time. We also discovered the speed of our bot. In the video below, the speed is only at 40 percent of its potential.

[slideshow id=12]