Drivetrain Subteam

The Drivetrain Subteam is responsible for the Robot’s drivetrain.  Their design must allow the Robot to move about the competition arena, including over varied terrain and while performing different functions.  The Drivetrain Subteam must coordinate with the Programming Subteam, which writes code that allows the Robot to be remotely controlled. … More

Part Selection

Part selection is an important part of Team 3637’s work.  Competition rules include restrictions on the total cost of the robot as well as its weight.  Team 3637 must carefully select parts for its robot to meet design criteria while not exceeding competition restrictions.  

Adjustments are made along the way, as the Team only has 6 weeks to strategize, design, build, program, and test its Robot.  

Team 3637 is more than just the build.  It’s Business and Outreach Team tracks spending, among many other important administrative tasks.

With 60 people on the team and the clock ticking, Team 3637 relies upon subteam delegation and communication to bring all its “moving parts” together in time for competition.  … More

Amazon Smile

For your online shopping, please consider supporting Team 3637 using Amazon Smile!   Click on our Amazon Smile link before you start shopping, and a small portion of your purchase price will be donated by Amazon to our team. 




 … More

We’re Back!

Now that maintenance on the website is done, it is good to be back! The Daleks have had a busy preseason. We attended the off-season event, Brunswick Eruption. This is a great event to get our new members excited about FIRST and to teach them how to scout. After a long day of competition, we came in second place! The rest of preseason was dedicated to teaching the new members about the tools, building, safety, electrical work, and programming. We also continued our work with our two FLL teams. Our student mentors lead the teams, one of which went to the state competitions for the third year in a row. This year we also started two FLL Jr. teams and ran a FLL Jr. expo for teams across the state to present their creations to reviewers and other teams. We also participated in the Hunterdon County 4H Fair and Community Day where we displayed our robot and let the community interact with it. In addition to our other outreach events, we planned and held a STEM event for Girl Scouts. There were activities such as oobleck making, boat creation, VEX robot driving, and mini-robot building. On January 9th, the team … More