January 2016 Updates

The post-kickoff rush has settled down and the team is a smooth-running machine. The sub-teams are hard at work making sure to do all they can for the team. They are working even harder than usual due to us missing a few build days because of the snow.

The Mechanical Team has finished prototyping and completed their final design. They are starting to integrate the subsystems and build the final bot’s frame. The Business Team is adding the final touches to the business plan and continuing to write applications for awards. Our artist finished and published the teams first ever safety animation! This is an amazing milestone for the Daleks! She is also starting the design for this years’ t-shirt, which is heavily anticipated by all the the team members.

As stop-build day inches closer and closer, the team’s excitement is growing and growing. The Daleks can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

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