December Updates

The pace is picking up as January 9th comes closer and closer. The Daleks are heavily anticipating the upcoming kick-off event and making sure the team is as prepared as we can be before the challenge is announced.

The Business Team has been planning future outreach events and drafting award applications. Our artist has also been sketching a new team logo in preparation for team merchandise and, with help from other team members, writing a script for the 2016 FIRST Safety Animation. She is working diligently to complete the animations to the utmost quality. The Mechanical Team has been sorting parts to make sure everything is organized and easy to access for build season. They have also been building cabinets to help in the organization process. While the Electrical Team has been busy wiring the circuit board, the Programming Team has been learning how to push code to the robot.

The Daleks are rapidly preparing for kick-off and are excited for the upcoming season!