Hatboro-Horsham Competition 2/28/15-3/1/15

The Daleks were very excited to participate in our first competition of 2015!

Saturday, the first day of matches, got off to a bit of a rough start. Our tote staging hooks broke in a practice match after getting caught, and we had to hurry to fix them before our qualification matches began. Then, a few low-scoring matches did little to help us in the rankings, and we found ourselves with some ground to make up. However, as the day went on, our drivers got more practice, we developed some strategies, and we were on a few high-scoring alliances.

On Sunday, there were two more qualification matches to go before eliminations started. In the second match, we debuted a large hook that pulled a recycling can off of the center platform, which few other teams had done up until then. We must have made an impression, because we were selected by Team 1403 and Team 1640 for the #1-seeded alliance!

We made use of our hook as well as our tote lifter as our alliance powered through all the way to the finals! Although we didn’t win, we are thrilled to have made it so far, and we offer our sincerest congratulations to Team 2607, Team 2590, and Team 5407. Good rushing!

As happy as we are about our performance at Hatboro-Horsham, there are always improvements to be made. In our 6 hours of unbagged-robot time, we’ll be preparing to tackle our next challenge: the MAR Springside Chestnut Hill event.

See you there!

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