Rutgers Competition (3-10-12 and 3-11-12)

Wow, what a competition!

First, on Friday, a few of us went to Rutgers to drop off our robot and set up our pit. Meanwhile, the rest of us were eagerly awaiting the competition.

The first day of gameplay was Saturday, the 10th. We started the day very well, at one point rising to fourth place because of our many Coopertition points (from balancing on the center bridge) as well as team victories. Our robot excelled at crossing the bridges, a task that tipped many other robots, and scooping up balls and giving them to our teammates on the other side of the barrier. However, we fell back in the standings toward the end of the day after a couple of losses in a row, the last one partially due to an inability to connect to our robot during the match.

On Sunday, the 11th, we had five more qualification matches before alliances were made for the final elimination rounds. We won two and lost three, putting us far out of the top 8 in the standings. The top 8 teams got to pick their alliance partners for the elimination rounds, and they would stay with these partners the whole time. Although we weren’t in the top 8 ourselves, the 8th-place team, Team 3142 (Aperture), picked us as well as Team 223 (Xtreme Heat). Unfortunately, we were eliminated in the first round of the elimination matches (in part because of the bridge-lowering arm getting stuck), and our opponents progressed (Team 224, Team 1302, and Team 1811).

Great job, Daleks! What great performance, especially for only our second year!

Our final record can be found here, although it doesn’t mention the additional Coopertition points we earned throughout the competition.

Pictures and video coming soon!